E12: “The Fed Should Be Jealous of the Halvening” – 7/7/2016

It’s halvening party time. This is a quick news update episode. I describe the halvening for people new to bitcoin, and then talk about the effect it might have.

Second story is about the rumor of a Chinese Hard Fork that spread around the community last weekend. It wasn’t true, but it showed that the blocksize debate is still fresh in people’s minds, and it is about to come back to the fore. With all the new development going on in bitcoin over the last 12 months, a hard fork is on the horizon. This time however, it will be meticulously planned and executed by the smartest coders in the world today, bitcoin core.
Chinese Rumor Article

Bitcoin Core is rocking. The bitcoin network has successfully activated the CSV soft fork with almost zero issue at all. Next up is Segwit and Lightening Network (LN), both will be in the news a lot for the rest of the year. The hard fork to raise the blocksize should jump 2mb completely and go to 20mb when the network is ready, in my opinion.
CSV soft fork news from Core

Segwit Progress Report

European banks are on the brink. Italy is the worst systemic shape, but Germany’s DeutscheBank isn’t that far behind.
Italian banks are in trouble

DeutscheBank and German banks

Coinbase gets investment from big Japanese Fund. See I told you Japan is going to get hot and heavy into bitcoin.
Mitsubishi Fund Invests in Coinbase

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