E13: “Bitcoin Coming to Italy, Selective Bit License Enforcement” – 7/11/2016

The halvening went off without a hitch. The Bitcoin network showed its strength and the superiority of its incentive structure. The supply shock of the halving will be spread out over a ew months, but should be completely worked through by October this year.

The ECB is running out of bonds to buy. After they moved to buying junk corporate bonds, there is an article that shows 70% of German Bunds don’t fit into the currenct definitions of bonds the ECB can buy. To get around this the ECB will simply change the rules.
70% of German bonds unavailable to the ECB

Bank runs beginning in Italy. ATMs are being emptied.
Banking Panic Hits Italy

Pokecoins run afoul of the BitLicense just like bitcoin. Will there be a double standard, an open discrimination against bitcoin? Looks that way. I wish people would wake up to the corrupt lawmakers.
Guide to Pokecoins

Nintendo should comply with the Bitlicense if they have NY customers

Pokemon’s virtual currency is unlicensed and bought in every state in the USA. Nintendo are defacto Money Transmitters. FinCEN silent. Why? – Beautyon_

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