E14: “Ethereum Drama and Steemit Hack, Bitcoin Unaffected” – 7/15/2016

Ethereum hard fork is looking like a cluster. One day soon, people will start to lose confidence in ethereum as a project. They have to be able to see that it’s just issue after issue. And they haven’t even gone to proof of stake.
Slockit Blog by Stephen ‘the’ Tual

Dude sues Vitalik

Steemit (sounds a lot like slockit) is a social network application on it’s own blockchain and network. The hype has moved from the DAO to Steemit, and has similarly resulted in a hack. These projects are stupid and infinitely insecure.

The Bitcoin Investment Trust gets a Cease and Desist order from the SEC. This isn’t a killer for them, but it sucks, and means the SEC is looking at all this stuff. They will be coming after a lot of these altcoins.
BIT gets SEC order

Oil rig count

Snowden in Jill Stein Cabinet

Schiff is copying me. I’ve been talking about the Japanese fleeing to safe havens including bitcoin for several months. Now, Schiff is picking up on this trend because Bloomberg came out with an article. Lol, anyway, we have similar conclusions.
Schiff blog

This is just a bonus link from Daniel Krawisz’s Nakamoto Institute
BONUS link

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