E15: “We Are Making Progress” – 7/18/2016

Bitcoin remains drama-free for the most part right now. Ethereum and STEEMIT are the centers of drama in the bitcoin space. Ethereums hard fork is going forward but it’s tearing the community apart, socially and technically.
Replay Attack

STEEMIT is a little comical. I hope not to many people get hurt. There are a few of us shining a little light on it.
Whale Panda calling out STEEM

Back and forth with Jon Matonis about PPT

Plunge Protection Team Whistleblower

I’ll post some img links here in a bit.

Roger Ver and others are trying to make bitcoin fit their needs and wants. They use outrage over censorship to push their views forward.
Ver’s Censorship Post backfires

Bitcoin is making a lot of progress. Core created a new branch this morning for 0.13.
Bitcoin Github Branches

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