E18: “Bitfinex and Government Apologists” – 8/5/2016

The Ethereum Schism rages on. The original Ethereum Blockchain, called Ethereum Classic has surged in value.
Bitcoin Magazine

Update on the situation in Turkey: The failed coup of July 2016 was an attempt by Gulen supporters to overthrow Erdogan, however the president and his supporters were ready for it and have used it as an excuse to purge Gulen supporters from the government, military, mosques, schools, and the press. Gulen is famously pro-West and is in exile in the US with CIA protection. Erdogan and other powerful segments of Turkish politics are shifting their alligences east to a more pro-Russia stance. Being a NATO member, this is big news as its one more cut in the long death of the aggressor NATO.
Gulen in Wikipedia

Corbett Report video on Gulen

James with Christoph Germann great interview on the background and current events in Turkey

Bitfinex was hacked on 8/2/2016 where it lost 120,000 BTC. This is a developing story, but in this episode I concentrate on the government regulations and the role they played in this hack. I get pretty emotional, and rant about CoinCenter and other government apologists.
CFTC Bitfinex Report

Coincenter Apologists

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