E042: “UASF and The Compromise”

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The recent pullback in bitcoin is very healthy. We made a huge move very quickly to the upside, and just waiting for a pullback. Coinbase’s issues and the end of Consensus 2017 gave that small piece of news needed.

The bitcoin OTC market is not letting up. There’s a land grab happening on the OTC markets. The race to own bitcoin is about to get major attention.

Difficulty continues to go up and Segwit maintains it’s 35% share. This is really good for the chances of UASF and segwit in general.

Gold and silver will continue being correlated with bitcoin. However, new blood into sound money, new people waking up to sound money will buy bitcoin not gold and silver. Bitcoin is the epicenter of this movement and gold will benefit somewhat.

Dollar is weakening despite the Fed raising rates. Everyone says that the dollar will be the last currency standing, but it’s being used by the shadow banking system to prop every other currency up, like the Euro. Therefore, those currencies and banking systems will only fall after the dollar. The next 12 months is going to be very bad for the dollar.

20:00 – SegWit + 2MB HF

32:30 – BIP 148: UASF

(Bonus tweet from Purse CEO attacking decentralized Core. This guy is here to save us from open source developers. LOL)

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