PoW Bitcoin – 7/1/2017

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BTC Market Update as of 7/1/2017
Bitstamp $2503
Bitflyer ¥281100
Okcoin 3M futures $2616
Futures Spread $113
Localbitcoins vol (7d) $34.8 mil
Network vol (24h) $751 mil
Avg Tx Value $2639
Mempool 11MB
Difficulty est. -1.1% in 15 hours
BTC val density $330 144/MB
Gold $1241
DXY 95.6

Sources: PricesLocalBitcoinsBlockchain VolumeDifficulty, Mempool, Gold, DXY

Brand new post by Luke Dash Jr

Video of Eric Lombroso on Mad Bitcoins

Side note, I thought Jimmy was starting to come around on his epicenter Bitcoin interview, but he’s against taking any stance. He over complicates the game theory for some reason.

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Ansel Lindner Written by:

Ansel is a bitcoin specialist, economist, and podcast host.