PoW Bitcoin – 7/22/2017

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Segwit Locks In – Special Thanks

What a great day. Segwit has locked in, in just a few more blocks a process exactly like UASF will to into effect, where non-SW signaling blocks will be rejected forcing segwit to be activated on the next difficulty period.

Special thanks for all their efforts during this long fight, specifically this UASF fight over the past couple of months goes to:

Shaolinfry, Luke Dash Jr., Eric Lombrozo, James Hilliard, Samson Mow, Rodolfo Novak, MrHodl, Alphonse Pace, Slush pool, Tone Vays, Dan Darkpill, and John Light. I know I’ve missed many, but those are the big ones that stick out to me.

For those countless people and projects that are running 148 nodes like Bisq, Samourai, even microsoft with Daniel (@csuwildcats on twitter), thank you. You can see a full list on uasf.co.

Thanks also to all the people that bought hats, changed their twitter names, and gave their general support.

And to all the haters, shills, sock puppets, members of the anti-bitcoin coup, altcoin pushers, charlatan FUDsters, you lose. Bitcoin is intact, it’ll scale, your altcoins and rent seeking businesses are about to die. Sayonara.

Don’t lose your focus here though. Keep your BIP148 nodes running. Keep the pressure up. Segwit is still not activated.


Music by Joakim Karud

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