PoW Bitcoin – 8/3/2017

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My initial reaction to bcash fork was thank God we are rid of the megablockers. Bitcoin is free.

Tax implications

Until there’s a better way to sell, like bitsquare or localbitcoins, I won’t.

Bitch coin was a non-event in my mind. The biggest thing it did was invalidate a lot of Technical Analysis.

Overall, bcash is a centralized coin. 10s of nodes on AWS, only a few miners.Bitcoin gets it’s value from decentralization and censorship resistance. That’s what makes it a good store of value and form of money.

Coinmarketcap.com’s traffic exceeded FT

Great point by Peter Todd, miners aren’t in charge in bcash either, so slow blocks won’t be the cause of failure.

Poloniex went down and people were getting worried. They’ve come back from what I can tell. No big altcoin massacre happened, which is surprising. Everyone was looking at bitcoin and bcash.

Music by Joakim Karud

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