PoW Bitcoin – 8/6/2017

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Segwit lock in on the network is 3 days away! All hurdles have been handled. New money waiting on traditional finance to send wires to exchanges.

The New Bitcoin Cash!!!

Bcash has mined 100 blocks. Block rewards aren’t spendable until 100 blocks deep. Watch for more dumping to start as miners can now sell their reward.

Vinny changes his tune. He was protecting bitcoin from a bubble I guess. Did he now call the swing high?

I was on Adam Meister’s Show this friday. I got a little heated when Lorien from South Africa started talking about increasing the block size to be inclusive in Africa.

Ryan X Charles did a poll on twitter about whether Yours should use Litecoin or Bcash. Idiot.


Dead Market Walking

Volatility is at all time lows for the stock market. Short interest in the VIX is at all time highs. Article

The Swamp is Undrainable – No Shit


Job Numbers

Released last week for the US, and they showed significant improvement. However, the little secret is that part-time jobs are counted the same as full-time jobs. While part-time jobs increased by 393,000, full-time jobs declined by 54,000.

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