PoW Bitcoin: “Bitcoin Upgrades and the Future” – 8/9/2017

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Russia About to Get Into the Bitcoin Mining Game

The two most notable gold hoarders, China and Russia, are now seriously talking about bitcoin mining as something in their national interest.

Bitcoin Core 0.15 is going to be released and it’s going to ban all 2x nodes signaling for 2x as a self defense mechanism. The 2x guys are out of their depth here.

Vinny Lingham was on Vortex’s Bitcoin Show and was destroyed by Bitcoin Error Log an Gabriel D Vine.

Big Tweetstorm by @Soveriegn_ind. He made several good points, like the general consensus claimed by 2x is wack, and Jihan, bitcoincom and ViaBTC have broken the agreement already with BCH.

Bitcoin is very healthy here. There’s going to be lots of bullish news coming out in the wake of Segwit activation. Call out FUD if you see it.

Fire and Fury

Trump is just using bombastic language, right back at Kim Jung Un after his crazy statements. Trump is definitely watching Game of Thrones on his vacation.

Fed Discontinues Use of Labor Market Index

Yellen’s favorite jobs indicator is being abandoned because it doesn’t fit the narrative. Another example of the Fed not dealing with reality.

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