PoW Bitcoin: “Pause in the Bitcoin Price” – 8/15/2017

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BTC Market Update as of 8/15/2017
Bitstamp $4066
Okcoin 3M futures $4115
Futures Spread $60
BTC Market Cap $67 B
Crypto Market Cap $137 B
Maximalist Price $8240
Localbitcoins vol (24h) $8.3M
Network vol (24h) $867M
Mempool 41MB
Difficulty est. 0% in 8 days
Gold $1274
DXY 93.31
SPX500 2464

Sources: PricesLocalBitcoinsBlockchain VolumeDifficulty, Mempool, Gold, DXYSPX500


Samourai Wallet and Zerolink

“The ZeroLink framework provides wallet developers with the theory and tools they need to implement trustless, fast, and cheap mixing in the bitcoin wallet.”

Music by Joakim Karud

Ansel Lindner Written by:

Ansel is a bitcoin specialist, economist, and podcast host.