PoW Bitcoin: “Bitcoin Foundations” – 8/21/2017

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Full on BitPay boycott is happening. They’ve lied to their customers and everyone knows it.

Bitmain is the major hurdle for bitcoin. They have huge plans for a brand new chip, and not in bitcoin.

Bitfury is not going away. They have been the company that Russians are talking to for their new mining operation. Other chip makers are sure to go past GPUs to ASICs in the near future, right as Bitmain is going after a new market.

First bitcoin transaction received via satellite. From Adam Back of course. A dawn of a new phase.

Jeff Garzik and company of B2X aren’t going to change the world by copy & pasting Core updates into btc1. Keep bitcoin decentralized.

The US Congress is doing what they do, trying to coopt better men’s inventions.

Be vigilant of the sick fascination with mainstream adoption. Bitcoin will get there on it’s own. It doesn’t need the govt help.

Music by Joakim Karud

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