Education is Key

Bitcoin is a new and exciting opportunity, but it's totally different than the money you are used to, or anything you're used to for that matter. Many people jump into Bitcoin without a solid understanding of money, or sometimes, technology in general. This leads them to make common mistakes investing in nonviable scams and/or bad security of their bitcoin. Don't invest a significant amount of money into bitcoin without doing your own research. *this collection was originally forked from's list Sep 2017.

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Bitcoin Books


Bitcoin mining is highly specialized and requires a large capital investment. It's not for the brand new bitcoiner, unless you're using it to learn.

by Ansel Lindner, CC BY 3.0
by Ansel Lindner, CC BY 3.0

History of Bitcoin



Getting a Wallet

Never keep more than spending money on a mobile wallet
Never use
Avoid Coinbase if possible

My recommendations:

Decentralized Exchanges

  • Bisq - (formerly Bitsquare) - downloadable client, decentralized orderbook and matching
  • - (coming soon) - A decentralized exchange using segwit scaling and atomic swaps
  • Counterparty Dex - The original decentralized exchange for tokens on bitcoin
  • Komodo Platform - (coming soon) - A decentralized exchange using segwit scaling and atomic swaps, you can list your coin today

Good News Resources


Price and Trading


Extended list

Bitcoin Metrics

Realtime Bitcoin Visualizations visualization visualization

Technical Resources

Discussion Forums

Altcoins Aren't Bitcoin

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Many new people to cryptocurrency see the high price of bitcoin and relatively low price of altcoins and think about buying altcoins instead of bitcoin. There is one Bitcoin, with 21 million bitcoins, don't be fooled into buying an alternative coin that has none of the world changing aspects of Bitcoin. This is a list of some altcoin discussions I've found that will help you understand the inferiority of altcoins.

Bitcoin's Future

Lightning Network

Lightning is the next generation bitcoin transaction layer. Bitcoin is a great store of value with payments possible. However, transactions on the base layer are encumbered by many necessary factors in bitcoin's design. Lightning brings instant scale to transactions.

Run a Full Node

Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer (p2p) network. It's supported and ruled by those peers/users. To support the decentralization and the proper functioning of incentives consider running a full node. It's not the same as mining, and can be done relatively cheaply, about $3/mo.