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     In April 2016, I started the Bitcoin & Markets podcast, because of the growing danger to Bitcoin’s decentralized consensus posed by social attacks. These attacks were characterized by the spread of faulty economic theories, of which I had a lot to say. I proudly took part in the UASF and No2x movements, being the first person to publicly predict the UASF’s success, the day after it was released.

     Bitcoin has calmed down a lot since that activist time. Today, people are busy laying the infrastructure and academic groundwork for next phase of Bitcoin’s life cycle. Bitcoin & Markets is also busy laying the foundations of a sustainable business, focusing on the content and educational resources to get you out ahead of the curve.

Ansel Lindner

Host, Economist, Bitcoin Specialist

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"Most concise well informed podcast without BS. Getting everything you need to know about bitcoin with a short usually weekly podcast, instead of people trying to fill up an hour of content every day."
Dan P
"BTC & MRKTS is the first place I look for fundamentals info, whether it’s the free weekly email report, the podcast episodes, or the quality community in the discord server."
"A de facto go to bitcoin podcast, from newbie to expert. Ansel's research, analysis and commentary is well though out and accurate."
"I am a supporter and customer of Bitcoin & Markets. Ansel is generous with his time, energy, and knowledge. He has a deep understanding of how Bitcoin fits in the context of a changing global economy. He has strong views, which he explains, but is open to learning. His views are consistent over time. The brand is now a growing suite of resources from the original podcast, to a more select Patreon group, and a sometimes free-wheeling Discord server. The people I have met on the server are reasonable, passionate, and respectful. This is not the typical crypto-twitter crowd."
Rob O.
"Ansel does a great job of keeping me updated on the fundamentals of bitcoin as well relevant news with traditional markets and geopolitics - all in less than 30 minutes a week. I enjoy hearing his takes on all the major events and he is usually on the money!"