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In April 2016, I started the Bitcoin & Markets podcast, because of the growing danger to Bitcoin’s decentralized consensus posed by social attacks. These attacks were characterized by the spread of faulty economic theories, of which I had a lot to say. I proudly took part in the UASF and No2x movements, being the first person to publicly predict the UASF’s success, the day after it was released.

Bitcoin has calmed down a lot since that activist time. Today, people are busy laying the infrastructure and academic groundwork for next phase of Bitcoin’s life cycle. Bitcoin & Markets is also busy laying the foundations of a sustainable business, focusing on the content and educational resources to get you out ahead of the curve.

Ansel Lindner

Host, Economist, Author, Bitcoin Specialist

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“Most concise well informed podcast without BS. Getting everything you need to know about bitcoin with a short usually weekly podcast, instead of people trying to fill up an hour of content every day.” - Dan P
“BTC & MRKTS is the first place I look for fundamentals info, whether it’s the free weekly email report, the podcast episodes, or the quality community in the discord server.” - DeeTee
“A de facto go-to bitcoin podcast, from newbie to expert. Ansel’s research, analysis and commentary is well though out and accurate.” - Coinicarus
“I am a supporter and customer of Bitcoin & Markets. Ansel is generous with his time, energy, and knowledge. He has a deep understanding of how Bitcoin fits in the context of a changing global economy. He has strong views, which he explains, but is open to learning. His views are consistent over time. The brand is now a growing suite of resources from the original podcast, to a more select Patreon group, and a sometimes free-wheeling Discord server. The people I have met on the server are reasonable, passionate, and respectful. This is not the typical crypto-twitter crowd.” - Rob O.
“Ansel does a great job of keeping me updated on the fundamentals of bitcoin as well relevant news with traditional markets and geopolitics – all in less than 30 minutes a week. I enjoy hearing his takes on all the major events and he is usually on the money!” - Jeff
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