Lightning, Tether and Security – E156

In this Friday Fundamentals episode I discuss Frances Coppola’s ignorance and dive into Lightning growth and how to think about it. Next, I hit on how China’s involvement in Venezuela is an example of US dominance waning similar to Russia’s beating the US in Syria. After that I share some thoughts about the Bitcoin Lawyer Marco Santori’s dissection of the SEC letter on Ethereum. I end with commentary about the What Bitcoin Did controversy.

Fakes and Feints – E155

In this Friday Fundamentals episode, I discuss price and important statistics of the Bitcoin network. News items I cover are proposed soft forks, BlockFi’s lending and earning interest on your bitcoin, an update on #DeleteCoinbase, dealing with document requests for your bitcoin addresses, Jack Dorsey on Joe Rogan, and lastly I explain why not voting is the best way to defeat your political opponents.

Bitcoin Price, Coinbase and the IMF – E152

In this episode of Friday Fundamentals we, of course, touch on all the pertinent fundamentals of the Bitcoin network. Today’s news items are about Samsung’s “crypto” wallet, Janine’s take down of Coinbase, and the IMF once again being honest about their vision of a dystopian future.