Market Commentary #50

Legacy markets are beginning to roll back over as the crisis continues. The dollar ($DXY) is breaking 100 again, gold is hitting cycle highs, US 10Y yields are falling, oil broke $20/bbl again, and bitcoin is having a strong green day, with elevated volume. Even stocks are looking droopy.

Market Commentary #49

The holiday weekend was a depressing one for many. Over the past month, on stay at home orders, people have been coming to grips with the current situation (what readers of this newsletter did back in February). Perusing the headlines and social media over the long holiday weekend, I got the feeling a shift is occurring in our thinking. Instead of coming to grips with the current situation, people are starting to process their thoughts about the future.

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The Fundamentals Report #84 – 4/10/2020

The Greatest Depression has started. We won’t sugar coat things, it’s going to get much worse before it gets better. While the stock market and other asset prices have stabilized for the time being, fundamentals like unemployment and productivity are still collapsing. We are in the eye of the storm.

Market Commentary #48

Traditional markets are in the eye of the storm. They are enjoying a rally that won’t last. The virus panic, which our benevolent leaders induced, is starting to subside (by design?). The Chinese strategy of lock downs and fabricated numbers to manage public reaction, has been copied to a T. But fake numbers can create productivity.

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The Fundamentals Report #83 – 4/3/2020

Several interesting threads have developed this week. People questioning the government story of the coronavirus and the need for the lock downs and shortages in gold and dollar. The Bitcoin specific news cycle is slow. It’s chugging along. As we’ve said in the past, Bitcoin is in its own world, only affected by deep fundamental cracks in the traditional system.