This is a reference guide for setting up your account and tips and tricks to get the most out of it. Discord is quickly becoming the heart of our community, so it’s important to have some continuity as it grows.

Let’s Start with Your Account Settings

We highly recommend a few standard options for everyone’s account. All of these settings can be set up on either the desktop client or mobile. In your app, locate the settings gear icon at the bottom of the left menu. Click it. Now we can walk through the basic settings. Everything we don’t cover here, you can set up on your own.

  1. My Account
    • Set up your 2FA – This is important for everyone, but really important for moderators, server owners, or people that use their Discord a lot. It’s good hygiene and good practice to set up 2FA and secure your backup codes.
  2. Privacy & Safety
    • We recommend the following settings “My friends are nice” and “Allow direct messages from server members.”
    • If you ever have problems with random people DM’ing you this is where you go to lock that down.
  3. Voice & Video
    • Here you can select your input and output devices. Please use headphones in voice chats.
    • Setup your Push-to-talk and key binding (I like right ctrl). PTT should be set as your default to eliminate background noise.
    • In the Advanced section, make sure all the voice processing options are turned on.

You’re all set. Next is message formatting.

Format Your Messages

Sometimes you want to format your messages with bold or italics or bold italics. This is a short list of those commands.


**This text will be bold**  This text will be bold


*This text will be italics*  This text will be italics

Bold italics:

***This text will be bold and italics***  This text will be bold and italics


__This text will be underlined__  This text will be underlined  (two underscores)


__***This text will be underlined, bold and italics***__  This text will be underlined, bold and italics


~~This text will use strikethrough~~  This text will use strikethrough


To display a single line as code use a single ` around your text.

To display multiple lines as code use triple “` around your text.

Colored text:

You can find ways to color text here.

Line break:

To add a line break on the desktop client use shift+enter. Mobile will let you use enter as usual for a new line.

Mentioning someone:

Start with the @ symbol and type a few letters of their handle. A list of possible people will appear above the message writing box. Click on their handle else it might not complete the mention properly.


Half the fun of Discord is reacting to messages. You can do this on the desktop client or mobile. On the desktop client, hover over a message and on the very right of that message you’ll see an emoji face. Click there to add a reaction. On mobile, long press a message and pick Add Reaction from the menu that appears.

You can add different reactions to each message. For example, you can add a laughing crying face and a shit emoji to the same message. To add the same reaction as one that’s already on the message, simply click on the reaction that is already there.

Have fun!