E8 – “DAO Wars” 21/6/2016

Host: Ansel Lindner

This is an update on the DAO and Ethereum situation. It’s a continuation from my EP5, from several weeks ago where I correctly pointed out its game theoretical flaws. Coded democracy still escapes us.

Ethereum chat logs: pastebin.com/aMKwQcHR
Nakamoto Institute: nakamotoinstitute.org/mempool/ethereum-is-doomed/
White hat hack: qz.com/713078/the-developers…acker-that-hacked-it/

Charles Hoskinson was the insider slamming Tual. He deleted the tweet I saw, but here is a related one.twitter.com/IOHK_Charles/status/725345188609052673

Ethereum has lost all credibility as their counter hack has been infiltrated by the hacker. They look so silly.www.reddit.com/r/ethereum/commen…the_whitehatdaos/

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