E20: “Bitcoin 0.13.0 Alert” – 8/19/2016

In this episode, I introduce my new segments to try and bring a little order to my rants. I cover encryption in Europe, the NSA leaks, Ethereum, bitcoin 0.13.0 release, and comments made by the President of the Philippines.

Bits and Pieces
In this segment I hit on fresh topics from around the interwebs. I try to mostly report facts, but I add my opinions in there as well. Today I talk encryption and the NSA leaks.
France Pushes Initiative Against Encryption

Netherlands Position on Encryption

Germany Promotes Encryption

EU’s Position on Encryption

The Shadow Brokers Might Be NSA Insiders

In this segment I will cover altcoin developments. In this episode I stick with the common Ethereum and Steem, but I will soon branch out and cover other alts. The first part I talk about Stephan Tool and Vinay Gupta of Ethereum and DAO fame. Then I cover a great medium post by @AceOfWallStreet about Steem. It is a must read.
Stephan Tool Apology

Vinay Gupta Post

Steem Has Been A Steeming Pile Of Crap From The Beginning

Featured Article
There is a new release of Bitcoin Core! So many updates I can’t cover them all. Instead, I focus on this being evidence that bitcoin development is not stagnant, quite the opposite. Must read by Bitcoin Magazine’s Wirdum.
Bitcoin.org Alert

What’s New In Bitcoin Core 0.13.0

Flash points
In this segment I go into some predicting of the future, taking into account all the happenings in bitcoin and the goings on in the rest of the world. I have a video for you about Turkey, which I don’t really talk about this time, and then some (IMO) slight comic relief from the president of the President of the Philippines, just because he doesn’t give a shit.
James Corbett Updates the Turkey Situation

President of Philippines Hard Talk

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