E024: “Blockchains and Cheap Power”

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Janet Yellen thinks it’s a good idea for the Fed to be able to buy stocks.
WTF JanetBits and Pieces

Santander Confirms Fiat-backed Token Project on Ethereum Blockchain
Santander is using ethereum for a digital token backed by cash in the bank. This is kinda silly because Santander is insolvent, and I’d assume that ‘Cash ETH’ will be last on the list of liabilities. Additionally, there are rules on cash unlike bitcoin. This cash eth will have to obey all regulations of cash cross border, KYC, AML, etc. There is zero efficiency over and above regular credit cards. Some might say that this gives the dollar and Santander exposure to smart contracts, but apart from smart contracts being mutable for the foreseeable future, the regulatory environment that needs to be completely built around this specific use case is immense. It’s the old regulatory prison argument.
Santander Link

eBoost Launches First eSports Token ICO | Bitcoin Chaser
Marshal Long is at it again. He is a legendary scammer in bitcoin and altcoins. He’s been caught in so many lies, it’s incredible that he has any credibility left to scam people. In this article, in the first couple of paragraphs he exposes this as another scam.

Marshal Long scam thread on bitcointalk

Investment Bank Praises Bitcoin Core Scaling Roadmap in Price Report
Needham & Company have been pretty accurate with their reports and extremely intelligent to be getting involved in bitcoin. They have a bright future. It’s great to see support for the hardest working people in bitcoin, core.
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Neeham Report


Do Multiple Implementations Make Ethereum More Reliable?
In an extremely clear and easily understood challenge to ethereum, Peter Todd takes a shot at the idea of multiple implementations in ethereum and their inherent weakness. I thought it was clear to use a real world example of the fire pump that anyone can understand, because all these ethereum folks are totally lacking in the ability to understand what it is they are making.

Peter Todd is an example of the modern freedom fighter.

I actually am getting suspicious of ethereum in being a govt operation. The facts are stacking up so much on the side of ethereum being a scam that only people with alterior motives would stay with it.
Peter Todd Blog

Why Bitcoin Spinoffs Are a Dumping Ground For Memes About Get-Rich-Quick Schemes
Altcoins got some mainstream press via Motherboard. Too bad for them it was very negative, calling them Ponzi schemes and pyramid schemes. They made a mistake though, lumping altcoins and tokens into the same boat.
Motherboard trashes alts

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New Record Low Solar Price in Abu Dhabi – Costs Plunging Faster Than Expected
2.42 cents/kwh is the new record low bid for electricity production compared to est. 5.6 cents/kwh for natural gas. This is not a one off thing either, because other bids from Latin America this year were 3.5 c/kwh in Mexico and 2.91 c/kwh in Chile. These developments along with the 16nm limit in ASICs we could see a fast decentralization of mining out of China.
Rameznaam article

Bid Article

California Overproduction of Electricity

Flash Point

India-Pakistan Conflict Update: Border Villages Evacuated By India As Tensions Escalate
Sparks are flying between arch rivals India and Pakistan over Kashmir. It’s not out of the realm of possibility that the Western strategy of proxy wars, and Iranian encirclement, has spilled over into the Kashmir region.

I end the show with a rant about using bitcoin to defund the thing that causes wars and protests on our streets, government.
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