Whatsat, FINCEN and DLT - E191

In this episode, I skip the price talk for the most part and talk about some news items. I take a deeper dive into Lightning Network for Bitcoin and the hot new app for private chat called Whatsat. Then go after Bianco the Chief of FinCEN and his comments quoted in Reuters. Lastly, I discect OMFIF-IBM’s report on DLT. Don’t want to miss it!


Whatsat https://www.bitcoinlightning.com/whatsat-send-private-messages-via-the-lightning-network/

IBM OMFIF report https://bitcoinist.com/ibm-central-bank-issued-cryptocurrency-five-years/

FinCEN chief thug https://www.reuters.com/article/us-crypto-currencies-fincen/u-s-to-strictly-enforce-anti-money-laundering-rules-in-cryptocurrencies-fincen-chief-idUSKBN1XP1YR

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