2019 Year In Review - E194

Bitcoin price in 2019

Price had 3 phases this year, 1) consolidation, 2) huge rally, 3) mini bear market.

Bitcoin fees in 2019

Fees were very low all year, blocks full

Lightning network in 2019

First full year of mainnet wallets

  • 3x Growth
  • Lightning Torch
  • Watchtowers Added To Lightning
  • Loop In Added To Lightning
  • Multi-Part Payments Added To Lighting
  • Hodlonaut
  • Lightning Bugs

Bitcoin Plug-n-play nodes in 2019

The rise of the plug and play node

Bitcoin Privacy debates, privacy was enhanced in 2019


  • QuadrigaCX
  • Twitter And Square, Jack Dorsey
  • #DeleteCoinbase
  • Binance Hack
  • Tether And Bitfinex
  • CSW Faketoshi Sues Everyone And Gets Owned In Court
  • Liquid Tokens
  • Plus Token
  • China Block Chain


  • Bakkt
  • ErisX
  • Binance/FTX
  • Crypto Facilities/Kraken
  • BitMEX Seychelles


  • Fidelity
  • Coinbase/Xapo
  • Bitgo/Kingdom Trust
  • Swiss Bank Vontobel


  • FINCEN Threatens KYC
  • IRS And Other Tax Agencies Start Asking Direct Questions
  • FBI Says Bitcoin Is A Growing Issue For Them



REPO market and the Fed

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