Bretton Woods 3 is Silly, Here's Why! [Reaction] - E240

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In this episode, I react to a George Gammon video where he details Zoltan's Bretton Woods 3 idea on the blackboard. I'm a fan of George and he has done some excellent work in the last few years.

That being said, I disagree strongly with these Bretton Woods 3 claims. I don't think the current financial system works as shown here, and specifically say that Bretton Woods 2 being the petrodollar. We currently have a global Eurodollar system.

Typically, these claims about the collapse of the dollar wholly isolated from the rest of the world, or worse, that the rest of the world will benefit from the end of the dollar, are formed from an undeserved bias against the US.

Original video:

Jeff Snider petrodollar episode:


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