What is Bitcoin & Markets?

Bitcoin & Markets keeps you ahead of the curve in Bitcoin with a respected podcast, professional newsletters, and a supportive community. I share my passion for Bitcoin and unapologetically give you straight talk on the issues of the day. Topics of focus are money, cryptocurrency, economics, blockchain, game theory, government, ethics, morals, technology, futurism, and investing. I strive to provide insightful quality information you can’t find anywhere else.

Our Story

In April 2016, I started the Bitcoin & Markets podcast, because of the growing danger to Bitcoin’s decentralized consensus posed by social attacks. These attacks were characterized by the spread of faulty economic theories, of which I had a lot to say. I proudly took part in the UASF and No2x movements, being the first person to publicly predict the UASF’s success, the day after it was released.

Bitcoin has calmed down a lot since that activist time. Today, people are busy laying the infrastructure and academic groundwork for next phase of Bitcoin’s life cycle. Bitcoin & Markets is also busy laying the foundations of a sustainable business, focusing on the content and educational resources to get you out ahead of the curve.


Hello, I’m Ansel Lindner. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Math, and an MBA. I have 10 years military experience in the fields of air battle management and intelligence gathering. I’m now a hardcore advocate for completely unhampered markets and peace. I believe money is at the very root of humanity, and is the key to a peaceful and prosperous future.

“Bitcoin has three main benefits. First, it is a tool of self-defense against extortion from increasingly indebted governments. Second, it supercharges the economy by increasing the efficiency of price discovery due to its fixed supply. Third, it allows culture to flourish by promoting low time preference.” – Ansel Lindner

Show Formats

We currently have several different show formats and I’m constantly trying new things:

  • Weekly standard podcast – 30 mins about price and fundamentals
  • Bitcoin Banter – a group chat / open forum
  • Live streams – on YouTube to look at charts and news together with followers
  • Audio rips of the live streams – for members

Community Overview

The podcast has a very loyal core following of roughly 1,000 people. Each episode of the show currently gets about 2,500 listens. I’m currently working to expand that to YouTube, where I’ll be continuing the live streams.