E9: Bitcoin vs Gold

In this episode I discuss a topic that comes up quite often for me, a Gold Standard vs a Bitcoin Standard. I recorded the morning after the Brexit vote, and the best performing assets during the last 24 hours were bitcoin followed by gold. It’s a bit of a stretch at this point to talk about a bitcoin standard, but if people think a gold standard is likely, a bitcoin standard is better in almost every way, so maybe we should start talking about it.

E8: DAO Wars

This is an update on the DAO and Ethereum situation. It’s a continuation from my EP5, from several weeks ago where I correctly pointed out its game theoretical flaws. Coded democracy still escapes us.

E7: The Power of Bitcoin

Sorry guys, no Lisk today. Their whitepaper is MIA, undergoing revision. I asked for a copy, but no luck. I’ll get to that as soon as it’s available. Today, I rant about some headlines including, cryptolocker or ransomware, planting the flag for bitcoin with “bitcoin is the technology behind blockchain”, and finally Spain, the Brexit, and the EU.

EP6: They Are Coming

This episode gets into conspiracy land about oil and lessons the bitcoin community can learn from that situation. But first I update a few running stories from previous episodes and hit some relevant news items.

EP4: Everything I know about the DAO

I breakdown everything I can about the DAO, from definitions to politics, including some interesting critiques that I hope can settle any confusion listeners have. I’m not an expert so please tell me where I got it wrong, or where I got it right.