When our memberships were exclusively on Patreon we didn't have a way to accept bitcoin and give donors their own website account. To get around that, we accepted bitcoin and provided a private RSS feed, which is not ideal. Now, we are running a Ghost blog. It still does not have native support for bitcoin, however, it does have a way to upgrade accounts from the Free subscriber to paying member.


  1. Subscribe to a free account
  2. Contact us through the contact page, including intention to pay for a membership with bitcoin, either on chain* or with Lightning, and your username.
  3. We will reply ASAP with the appropriate info (feel free to DM on Twitter if we don't get back to you the same day).
  4. Once payment is received we will upgrade your account.

Welcome and thank you!

*We only accept on chain bitcoin for year-long memberships, but give an additional discounted price of $50/yr (subject to change).

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