Paying for Membership with Bitcoin

We are psyched you want to pay for your membership in bitcoin! Please use the form below to contact us. Patreon, of course, has no built in way to do it, but we do have a work around with a couple limitations and an extra step.

How it works

We’ve set up a “Paid in Bitcoin” Patreon Member at the $5/mo membership tier, which you will use for the RSS feed. We will add your email to an auto-forwarder, so you can get the notifications when a new member-only episode drops and for new posts when published. We will update our records with your information for Discord permissions.

The “Paid in Bitcoin” Patreon Member membership will run for one year starting TBD/2019 (starting with the first new person). We do this to have at least yearly control over the RSS feed we provide. Your price in bitcoin will be prorated for the remainder of that year. You will need to re-subscribe at that point. A lifetime contract can be worked out, so just ask if you are interested.

  • Memberships are for the remainder of the current “Paid in Bitcoin” Patreon Member’s year
  • The current miner’s fee will be added to transactions under 0.005 btc
  • If you’d prefer to simply make a Bitcoin donation and join with fiat, donations are much appreciated and can be done on our Bitcoin Donation page.
  • Sponsors, please use the form below, and I’ll contact you back ASAP.

Limitations to this method

  • Not available for the $1/mo tier
  • No voting in Patreon polls
  • No Patreon comments (rarely used)
  • Slower support time, because it’ll be through email

BTC Pulse (coming soon)

To pay for a subscription to the BTC Pulse in bitcoin, contact us using the form below.

Once you’ve submitted the below form, we’ll get back to you with the details. Thank you.