WTF is happening with the Fed? WTF 7

CK and new co-host Ansel Lindner discuss the recent ruling in German courts that deemed QE activity by the European Central Bank to be illegal.

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  • German Courts Said ECB’s QE Actions Were Illegal Under German Law
  • EU Law Is Supposed To Trump German Law
  • German Courts Give ECB 90 Days To Stop QE
  • Real Risk Of Euro Break Up
  • Fun Fact: European REPO Is Already Separated By Country

German court ruling ties ECB’s hands – now and in the future

Germany’s shock court ruling against the ECB challenges the stability of the euro zone

Germany’s Constitutional Court has gone nuclear. What happens next will shape the EU’s future
“The Weiss judgment involves an act of constitutional rebellion with potentially far-reaching consequences at many levels.”

ECB vs Fed roles

Eurozone Breakup Risk at New High

What struck me was the close correllary between the ruling and Kentucky nullification acts in the US. This was German courts nullifying EU actions.

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